Monday, January 17, 2022

Dante's Wedding Deception by Ellie Misono


DNF @ 35%

Omg this was not good. So, this is about Niccolo and Kiley who come from rival families and Kiley is claiming ownership to some priceless heirloom that Niccolo has... or something. Anyway, the meeting does not go well, and as Kiley storms off, she gets hit by a vehicle. Niccolo decides to lie to the paramedic and claim he's her husband because, you know. That makes sense.

Anyway, Kiley has amnesia and Niccolo takes her home. ALSO, and this is the best part, Niccolo's last name is Dante and his family has something called the "inferno," where you feel the scorch of flames when you meet your soulmate. LMAO WHAT. That's not how that works. But what even is biology? This is a romance novel, BITCH.

I'm sure other stuff happens but I had already decided that this book was so stupid that I wouldn't be continuing.

The art is beautiful, though.

1 out of 5 stars

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