Saturday, September 25, 2021

Some Velvet Sin by Heather Crews


Disclaimer: I was the beta reader for this book but I paid $$$ for the final copy. Kindle Unlimited? I don't know her. I pay with my coin, THANKS.

Heather has a way of writing the stories I didn't know I desperately wanted to read, which is (just one reason) I'm glad we're friends, because I get to see these stories in their bare bones versions before falling in love with them all over again in the final draft.

SOME VELVET SIN is a dual timeline fantasy story. Part of it is set in the American 1950s, during the peak of rock n' roll and greaser culture, and the other half is set in a nebulous underworld. Each timeline features a different set of characters, and I actually don't want to say too much about them because this is one of those books where knowing less is more going in because you get to figure out all the way the characters connect with one another in all of these exquisite constellations of meaning that slowly begin to make sense.

I will say that at its heart, this is first and foremost a romance, but it also plays with some of my favorite tropes, too, like difficult and morally grey heroines; dangerous boys; unanswered questions from beyond the grave; gothic and punk elements; and, of course, dangerous boys. Oops, did I already mention the dangerous boys? Well, it bears repeating because it is my FAVORITE.

SOME VELVET SIN was such a great book. It actually ended up haunting me a little and making me feel kind of sad (CURSE YOU, HEATHER), so now I've got to go through all my books and pull out something happy while I try to get over these characters and their incredible, poignant love story.

5 out of 5 stars

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