Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Again and Again by Susan Johnson


DNF @ p.104

Susan Johnson is the author of several erotic romances, including SEIZED BY LOVE, which is probably one of my favorite bodice-rippers of all time. She has a unique style which is very wordy and sometimes delves into purple prose, but I really like it because when she's on her game, it's a delight to read, and she has a fantastic vocabulary. Also, her banter game can be A+.

I'm not sure what went wrong in AGAIN AND AGAIN but I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe it's because Simon is more of a jerk than an alpha hero, with the way he keeps throwing his other women into the heroine's face and calling her a bitch. Caroline, the heroine, was actually interesting and I would have liked to have learned more about her past, how she met Simon and jumped into her bad marriage, but because the book starts off where it does, it kind of feels like you've been catapulted into the middle of a book. Like, someone ripped out the sexy parts and was just like, "HERE!"

The sex scenes were okay. Some were even great. I think this is the first time I've seen role play acted out/discussed in a historical romance book. This is basically porn with some plot, and if you're into erotic romance/erotica, you'll probably love this-- especially if you like brutish cad heroes as part of the fantasy. It also involves the two of them meeting in a snowstorm again for the first time in years, which was the hook on the blurb that drew me in. Close proximity is such a mood. I just wish I'd liked this book more than I did.

2 out of 5 stars

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