Thursday, April 29, 2021

Something from the Heart by Kazuko Fujita


I didn't even know that old skool stepbrother romances were a thing, so color me shocked. Leigh met Morgan when she was ten and he was eighteen and always looked up to him and their relationship was okay until he misunderstood an encounter she had with another man and decided she was just like her scheming, unscrupulous mother. When they meet again, he treats her coldly but neither of them can deny the lingering attraction between them.

The hero in this book is an incredible jerk and constantly jumps to conclusions. Even by the 90% mark he's still assuming the worst about the heroine. I did like the story though and I liked that the heroine had a backbone and wasn't afraid to call the hero out on his BS. Sometimes I read some of these Harlequin manga and find myself wondering what the full-length books are like and this is one of those times. I really, really want to read the print book now and see if the story is better if it's fleshed out.

Rounding up for lolzy, over-the-top drama and simply gorgeous art. Good art can really bring these stories to life and make even a lackluster storyline feel more intense and emotional.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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