Sunday, March 8, 2020

Signs of Resistance: A Visual History of Protest in America by Bonnie Siegler

Bonnie Siegler was incensed by Trump's election and it inspired her to compile a book documenting the history of the U.S.'s major political movements, and the people who fought hard against oppression (or, in some cases... didn't). This is a really excellent, very visual history that starts with the U.S.'s own declaration for independence and ends with many important modern movements of equal significance, such as Climate marches to draw attention to the importance of protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change, BLM (because of course), movements for support for the sciences, and movements demanding the fairer treatment of women and minorities.

This is a pretty short book and some chapters are much shorter than they should have been, in my opinion, but I loved all of the art, memes, photos, posters, banners, and magazine covers that were selected for this book. There are definite trigger warnings in here, particularly for some portions of the book that talk about extreme injustice and racially-targeted violence, but overall, I do feel that this book has a positive, hopeful, and, yes, somewhat satirical outlook that made me laugh a few times (even though it also made me cry).

If you're interested in politics or activism, SIGNS OF RESISTANCE is a wonderful book to read. With its tongue-in-cheek captions that give a brief history of the movements in question and explain why the art was created and what its purpose is, it's one of those books that manages to be edifying and educational while also giving you a delightful glimpse into the personality of the person who created it. The ebook also features fairly high quality images and I appreciate the effort that went into making this an enjoyable read for those who can't appreciate the glossy pictures in person. Looking at Siegler's other work, it seems like she might be in design, which makes sense.

Definitely give this book a read! The ebook is very affordable and it's so informative and good!

4.5 to 5 out of 5 stars

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