Saturday, May 28, 2022

Unforgettable by Leigh Riker


DNF @ p.47

This was a buddy-read I did with Heather, and initially, I was pretty into it. I love second-chance romances where a tragedy separates the h and the H and they reunite years later, full of angst. It's literally my favorite trope, so of course, when I found out it was in year, I was like YAAAAASS.

UNFORGETTABLE is about Jess and Nick. Something happened to sour their relationship and now that an illness in the family has brought them back together, they're forced to confront one another. I thought this was a pretty good set-up but there were a lot of things I didn't like. First, this was published in the 90s and it has some very dated references (like a reference to Bill Cosby). Second, it has some very weird views towards age-gaps. Like the son of one of the adults has graduated from high school but he's dating a teenager, and one of the adults refers to her as a twitching miniskirt and slut-shames her, but in a creepy way. And it turns out there's also a huge age gap between the h and the H and her being caught with him while underage is part of the Big Misunderstanding, but it's handled in a really weird and stupid way.

Add to the fact that every chipped plate and rotten apple sets off a wistful emotional reverie, and this kind of ended up feeling like one of those bad Harlequin novels that everyone likes making fun of. I'm really sad I didn't enjoy this more because it had so many tropes I usually love, but I guess this is just proof that tropes are not enough to save a story that is, dare I say it, FORGETTABLE.

1.5 out of 5 stars

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