Saturday, November 16, 2019

Reign of Ruin by Jennifer Bene

I've been really neglecting my Kindle Unlimited subscription and am trying to get back into it by using that sweet, sweet library to check out some cool dark reads. I've been in a dark mood as the sun sets sooner and the weather gets colder, and all I really want to do is curl up with some dark AF books and be shocked.

REIGN OF RUIN seemed like it could be the perfect book. It's kind of like if you took Handmaid's Tale and imbued it with graphic rape and degradation scenes. They are so OTT that I had trouble reading some of them and needed to skim, and this is coming from someone who pretty regularly reads and writes bodice-ripper style books filled with rape scenes. But these are pretty brutal and I 10/10 do not recommend this book to anyone who has trouble stomaching books that involve rape or abuse, because REIGN OF RUIN has both and they are hardcore.

It's difficult to explain the plot because part of what makes this book so unique is a big fat spoiler. I will say that it has supernatural elements, and that the "epilogue" that was actually the short story that ended up serving up the inspiration for the expanded novella format of this book raised more questions than it answered, and left me feeling even more confused than I did before. I don't really understand how the world went to shit and I don't really feel like the book answered that in a satisfactory way. I was also uncertain of this was meant to be horror or erotica or both? I'm sure it's somebody's kink but I'm not really into sadism or medical stuff, so it definitely wasn't mine.

If you like dark and degrading works of horror erotica, you may enjoy this. I did not.

2 out of 5 stars

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