Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Angst and Darkness: Poems for Your Goth Teenage Self by Heather Crews

If Heather Crews wasn't my friend, I would probably hate her, because nobody deserves to have that much talent all to themselves. The woman can paint, draw, and write poetry, and I want to personally march to the doors of my fellow readers of dark fiction and kick them in the pants for not loving her work as much as I do. Considering that the author wrote these when she was a teenager, they are very impressive and convey a depth of emotion that is atypical for what you might expect to see in your average precocious teenager's body of existant work (Exhibit A: my own horrendous teen poetry).

Some of these definitely give themselves away, but there were a couple I really liked a lot like the poem called "F*** You" and the first "Untitled" poem that appears in the collection. I think those two were probably my favorites just because the themes of being used and having your heart broken spoke really strongly to me and I thought they were done well.

will you remember the games you played, and won, / or just the feel of her body beneath your fingertips? (65%)

Yikes. I got chills.

If you're into poetry, you could do much worse than picking up this small but diverse collection of angsty and gothy poems. It's infinitely better than what you see in Rupi Kaur's pseudo-meditative book of dreck, for sure.

3 out of 5 stars

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