Saturday, May 18, 2019

Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

I wanted to read this book because that title was way too sexy for the bus, and also because I am a garbage can and this looked like primo trash. PLEASURE UNBOUND was, indeed, far too sexy for the bus, but whether it was primo trash is up in the air. I'm a fairly discerning garbage can, and I'm snobby about my trash.

PLEASURE UNBOUND is set in a world filled with various types of demons, who can pair off and breed and share traits like sexy CryptoKitties. These demons are hunted by a group of slayers called the Aegis, who believe that they're dangerous. Sometimes people also collect the demon parts and sell them to black markets, but most of the Aegis, who appear to be holier-than-thou (literally) snobs want no part of the magic world, even by proxy.

Eidolon is an incubus who works as a doctor in a demon hospital. Being a demon hospital, they see a lot of patients who have fallen victim to the Aegis. But one day, a patient comes in who isn't a victim to an Aegis - she's an actual Aegis. Everyone in the hospital wants to kill her, except Eidolon, who thinks that she might be useful (and it doesn't help that she's hot, and Eidolon Jr. agrees).

It isn't until he's poking around in her anatomy - no, not that way, perverts - that he realizes there's something off about this demon slayer, who calls herself Tayla. She's not quite human. In fact, she's part demon herself. *le gasp*

I bought PLEASURE UNBOUND because it was 99-cents in the Kindle store and the garbage can inside me deemed that a fair price for worthy trash. With a title like PLEASURE UNBOUND, I didn't have very high expectations. I figured this would be a lightly pornographic romp through an equally lightly plotted urban fantasy world, and in that sense, I was right and this isn't that different from what you would expect to see in a Sherilyn Kenyon or Kresley Cole novel.

PLEASURE UNBOUND had an interesting idea but it wasn't fully fleshed out (heh). The porn definitely overtook the world-building at the expense of everything else. The villain in here was so creepy, and yet got almost no air time. The secondary characters were interesting, but weren't given a lot of air time - and the one I wanted to read about the most, Yuri, was killed off. How could you kill off Yuri, Larissa Ione? I wanted to read more about this sexy Middle Eastern demon man who had his own BDSM dungeon. That would have made for an excellent garbage can read. RIP, Yuri.

Plus, and let's face it, the heroine of this book was incredibly annoying and made the most stupid decisions. The only good things about her was that she a) wasn't a version and b) didn't have orgasms at the drop of a hat and the hero really had to work for it to make her come. That would have been great except the heroine says that this isn't "normal," implying that you have to explode with orgasms all the time in bed to be "normal." She's always marching into danger, she whines and cries a lot, and she made some of the most ridiculous decisions on the most flimsy pretenses of logic. That would be OK if she were an ordinary human but she's supposed to be this amazing demon slayer. I don't buy it.

The hero was hot, but he couldn't carry the book on his own and deserved way better than Tayla.

2 to 2.5 out of 5 stars

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