Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Naughty List by Ellie Mae MacGregor


DNF @ 25%

I can't remember who I saw reading this book but it showed up in my feed shortly after I read another Santa erotica, SANTA CLAUS IS GOING TO TOWN ON ME. When I saw THE NAUGHTY LIST, I was like, "Whoa, there's another one?" Which was a stupid question because of course there is. There's like fifty COVID erotica so why wouldn't there be at least that many Santa eroticas? Exactly.

I'm sorry to say I couldn't get into this one at all. It wasn't freaky or weird enough to be funny and it wasn't quite serious or developed enough to be good. SANTA CLAUS IS GOING TO TOWN ON ME hit that sweet spot of being both sincere and ironic, which is why I ended up giving it a three. This book just reads like an erotic fantasy. Which is fine, but obviously I'm going to side-eye the heroine when a strange man in a Santa suit breaks into her house and her first instinct is not to call the police, but to lick her finger and start circling her nipple. Okay.

IDK, maybe you'll get more enjoyment out of this than me.

1 out of 5 stars

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