Monday, September 21, 2020

Blue Fire by Phyllis A. Whitney

DNF @ 12% 

Thank goodness I bought this book on sale! I think I jinxed myself with this one. I was just bragging about how I've never read a Phyllis A. Whitney book I didn't like, and then I pick this one up and am like, "Hmm, oh no..."

I'm being pretty ruthless with my Kindle library since I have too many books at this point and don't see any point in keeping what I'm not going to read. Phyllis A. Whitney usually narrates in first person, but this is an older publication (from the 60s) and narrated in third person, and it comes across as really crusty and dry. It's not bad and I could probably work my way through it if I reaaaallly wanted to... but I don't want to.

The South African setting sounded really interesting, but it's set during apartheid and not very PC and it focuses on the diamond mining industry, which was ruthlessly exploitative in how it treated native South Africans. Part of that is because of when this was written, but it's also not really something I want to read right now.

So I think I'm going to delete this from my Kindle.

1.5 out of 5 stars

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