Thursday, February 4, 2021

Throb by Vi Keeland


DNF @ 23%

When I found out this was reality TV-themed, I was like *pterodactyl screech*. And then I found out that even though the heroine is on the reality TV show, the love interest is just the stalkery brother of the producer who is WAAAAAAY too jealous over this woman he doesn't even know. Way too jealous. Like, watching TV with only one hand in sight, jealous. Ewww.

Kate and Cooper meet a blackjack game. She's the daughter of a famous card player and picked up a few tricks. She's also the girl-next-door archetype on this reality TV show called Throb, which is like a tropical-set Bachelor where all these girls queue up to date this rock star named Flynn-- who's actually REALLY nice. I loved Flynn.

But the love interest is Cooper, who gets interested in the show just because of Kate (initially, he was like oh god little bro, ANOTHER probably-failed reality TV show? let me fall into rich boy agony). He's instantly jealous and starts demanding that the film crew force the rock star guy to take another girl out on a date besides Kate (who he was going to choose) and then after screening a video where he sees Kate and Flynn kiss, Cooper gets jealous and has one of the crew call her into his office, where he then forces a kiss on her himself and is like HOW WAS THAT.



I will be the first in line for an alpha hero of a man but not if he's like a stalkery, spineless, icky one. UNLESS he's supposed to be stalkery, spineless, and icky... and I don't think so. Kate is just like ohhh Cooper is so dreamy-- and I'm like yeah, if that dream is a nightmare about stalkers.

I'm so disappointed.

1 out of 5 stars

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