Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adulthood Is a Myth by Sarah Andersen

I was lucky enough to score an ARC of Andersen's newest book, BIG MUSHY HAPPY LUMP, and after reading it, there was really no question that I was going to give it anything less than 5 stars. Sarah Andersen gets what it's like to be a book-obsessed, introverted, shy, socially awkward millennial struggling to make it as an adult.


I had received an ARC to review of ADULTHOOD IS A MYTH several years ago as well and remembered enjoying that a lot (hence why I applied for LUMP), and when I noticed that my library had a copy of ADULTHOOD IS A MYTH, I decided to check out the finished copy and see if it lived up to my memories.

ADULTHOOD IS A MYTH is very clearly a debut effort. It's very good and very funny, and still extremely relatable, but I felt like BIG MUSHY HAPPY LUMP touched on more serious issues than ADULTHOOD did. ADULTHOOD IS A MYTH is me, circa my junior year of college. BIG MUSHY HAPPY LUMP is me, post-college and newly employed. It's still me, but it's the polished, fancy me that has bragging rights and a car.

I can't wait for her next collection. I'm hoping the cover will be green.

4 to 4.5 out of 5 stars

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