Sunday, September 24, 2023

Mr. October by Bethany Weaver


As someone who loves October but hates being scared, I related to Sabrina so hard. When you're a scaredy-cat it's like some people just make it their life's mission to terrorize you. Like, dude. Where's the challenge? Where's the honor? Pick on someone who's hard to scare.

MR. OCTOBER is a very short and very sweet novellette(?) that is just under one hundred pages. It's a small town romance set during Halloween, with a prologue that shows how the H and h met to sort of cement their friendship. When Adam scares her during her movie night, it's the last straw. She decides she wants to get revenge on the whole town for scaring her... and to her surprise, he offers to help.

Like other reviewers, I wish this was longer. I think this would have made a great novel-length book, where each chapter could have been a different prank. They actually had decent chemistry together and more build-up before the sex scene would have been nice, especially with an epilogue that showed them as bf and gf, doing things outside of sex.

But for what it was, it was very cute. Seriously. Short stories are so hard to pull off and I was impressed at the finesse of this one. I definitely want to check out one of her full-length novels now.

3 to 3.5 out of 5 stars

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