Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Scarred by Emily McIntire


DNF @ 25%

I know a lot of people probably envision me writing my negative reviews whilst cackling in a towering, villainous lair, but shitting on somebody's work is (usually) not fun. I do feel bad when I don't like something but I'm also not going to lie about it-- and by the way, I am 100% stupid enough to re-buy something I read and didn't like, which is why I always consult the Goodreads now before making a purchase.

SCARRED is, to be fair, a much more sophisticated work than HOOKED. I think the writing is better and the story had more depth. I think this is loosely inspired by The Lion King and part of the fun is figuring out who is who and what is what. It's like a darker, edgier version of Katee Robert's books where she does the exact same thing.

That said, I just couldn't get into this book. Tristan's two personality quirks were smoking marijuana and torturing people. And btw, I have never seen a stoner with this big of a chip on his shoulder. Isn't weed supposed to make you chill? Not this guy. Sara, the heroine, was OK. She's supposed to be a bad-ass but we're told this more than we're shown this. I think Clarice was right in that Wendy from the previous book at least had some other dimensions to her character (like being a big sis, etc.). I'm still interested in her Frollo and Jafar books but now I'm scared lol.

2 out of 5 stars

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