Thursday, June 29, 2023

Yagi the Bookshop Goat by Fumi Furukawa

 This is cute. I have no actual memory of buying it but I probably got it when it was on sale. The premise is pretty unique: the younger hero, Yagi, is a goat who wants to work in a bookstore. But goats aren't allowed to work in bookstores because they eat all the paper. He's tried every shop in the "Herbivore Zone" and finally finds success in the "Carnivore Zone" working for a wolf guy named Ookami.

Tokyopop was the publisher that made a lot of the manga I read as a kid, so I was surprised that this is an 18+ title. There are rather explicit drawings of sex scenes in here which SHOCKED me because I was literally reading this on my Kindle next to my mom when we were watching TV and then I was like GAH. So just an FYI: this is NSFW.

It's a pretty cute one-shot shounen-ai manga. I also like how it has LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE vibes in the sense that Yagi can "taste" a story, so romances taste sweet, mysteries taste spicy, and porn tastes cloyingly sweet with a bitter aftertaste. His synesthesia abilities give him the ability to put books that complement each other in surprising ways in little displays around the shop, to much acclaim from the customers. Even cuter, when he eats one of Ookami's notes, that's when he realizes that his boss is in love with him. Hehe.

Would recommend this to manga readers who want something cute and gay. Also, some shounen-ai and yaoi can be quite rapey, but Ookami definitely puts consent first and does some aftercare, too, after they bang, which I thought was extra sweet. We stan a wolf dude who takes care of his little goat man.

3 to 3.5 out of 5 stars

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