Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

Hmmm. This book took me a lot longer to read than its predecessor, CLEAN SWEEP. I ate through that one pretty quickly but this one stuck in my throat. I wasn't that excited to be reading it and I was even less excited to review it because who wants to talk about a mediocre book? I don't!

You know what this's time for a lazy review.

CLEAN SWEEP followed the more traditional UF/PNR plotline with the otherworldly creatures being introduced gradually as they come together to solve a conflict (in this case, deaths). SWEEP IN PEACE, on the other hand, had more of a sci-fi feel with otherworldly delegations, peace talks, and power games.

I loved the emphasis on diplomacy and thought that was a very interesting and integral part of SWEEP IN PEACE. On the other hand, since there wasn't a grim specter of an enemy looming over Dina and the gang in this book, the "conflict" was much less immediate, which meant the pacing suffered a little.

I think the Hidden Legacy series spoiled me. The heroes in this book, as much as I loved Arland, just can't match up to Rogan, and the authors have power struggles down to an art with the hierarchy of magical practitioners fighting for power and breeding for heirs. This book did it very well, but like I said, it just couldn't match up to the glory of Hidden Legacy.

Orro might just be my new favorite character, though.

3 out of 5 stars.

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