Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Dear Villain by Jacqueline Gilbert


DNF @ p.76

This one isn't bad, it's just really boring. The heroine, Liz, has been jilted by her previous fiance. Then she was going to date this friend of her sister's husband, Adam, except it turns out he's not the settling down type so much as the wham-bam-and-thank-you-ma'am type. So obviously she's horrified when she finds out her new deputy director position at the theater is deputy to his director.

I liked the theater elements in this book. I was checking this author out and I think some of her other books revolve around theater as well, which makes me think she probably worked in this industry herself at some point or knew somebody who did. Liz also isn't a bad heroine for the times. She's like one of Charlotte Lamb's slightly less good heroines, right? She has a spine but she doesn't always use it.

Also, just in case someone needs to see this, there's an on-page slur where the heroine compares her frizzy hair to a g*lliw*g's. 

Obviously, when I pick up a book called DEAR VILLAIN, I have high expectations as a lover of villain romances. But I think in this case we can agree that the real villain is racism. ;)

2 out of 5 stars

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