Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Emerald Blaze by Ilona Andrews



Me after reading this book: ROGAN WHO

My first five star rating of 2023?? HECK YES. And well deserved. Oh my GOD. So EMERALD BLAZE kicks off where SAPPHIRE FLAMES ended, with Catalina fulfilling her new duties as Warden and boy are they tricky. Shady shenanigans are happening in a place called the Pit, a swampy sinkhole where a Prime has just been murdered. Catalina has been charged with finding out the culprit and playing Cluedo with the suspects, to see who did it, in the swamp, with the flamethrower-- all with Count Sagredo's help, of course.

I have so much envy for these authors. They churn out book after amazing book, creating a world that is addictive and compelling. As a young girl I loved superhero movies but I didn't love the lack of strong female characters that weren't just there to be eye candy. Nevada and, now, Catalina, are such amazing heroines. They're strong but a big part of both their arcs is learning how to grow and develop their powers as they grow and develop as people and grow and develop their relationships. ALSO, all the side characters are great: they have a big, lovable family, there are memorable and frightening villains, and the love interests are SO SWOONWORTHY.

I think I might love Alessandro even more than I loved Rogan-- although I loved Rogan a lot. There's just something about the icy playboy with a heart of gold that melts for only one woman that does it for me. He's perfect for Catalina, and she for him. Although that said, I loved the Rogan cameos in this, and how they reminded me that he and Nevada were perfect together, too. Also, I love that he just floats his coffee alongside him as he walks around. Laziness + power display? Classic Rogan. He'll make the perfect brother in law for Alessandro, hee hee. I want to say more about how great this book is, but I'll just be fangirling even more than I already have. That cliffhanger was WICKED and thank god I already own book three because otherwise I'd be pulling my hair out and crying.

5 out of 5 stars

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