Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Cindrella Solution by Kyoko Sagara


DNF @ 75%

Okay, so I just double-blinded myself into proving how consistent I am as a reviewer, because the #1 complaint among my critics is that I'm biased by the author into not giving them a chance. Well, this was so boring and I decided to DNF, and I just happened to look and see who the author was and it was Cathy Yardley and no hate on her because I love Fandom Hearts but I REALLY don't like her early contemporaries and many, many years ago, I actually read another book in this exact series of contemporary fairytale retellings (THE AWAKENING OF SLEEPING BEAUTY) and it was so boring that I one-starred that sucker and NOPED right out of there.

So, I may be a jerk, but at least I'm a consistent jerk.

The art was okay but I really didn't like the story. I do recommend Fandom Hearts if you love geeky heroines who are passionate about being in STEM and smashing the adamantium ceiling. But her earlier work just really doesn't do it for me, sadly. This is proof.

1 out of 5 stars

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