Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Invisible Woman by Rachel Stuhler

I just read and reviewed the first book in this fun little series, WTF. Short, sweet, and remarkably well-developed for such a short book, WTF was so good that I immediately launched into THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. Even though they are published by different authors, the writing style remains consistent (something I was worried about). They must be working from some truly fabulous outlines and have great communication with one another to keep everything flowing so smoothly! I was impressed.

In THE INVISIBLE WOMAN we're reintroduced to the characters from the previous book. Michelle is still dealing with childish authors and the end of her marriage. Taneesha feels as though she's invisible at her new job, where she's either ignored or excluded, and condescended to whenever she actively tries to contribute. Ellie faces her parents' wrath when they find out she can't even commit to a minimum wage job and give her a serious talking to about her future - beyond designing cosplay costumes and attending conventions, that is.

Aditi is not mentioned in this book, but we're introduced to a new character in THE INVISIBLE WOMAN who was only mentioned in passing in WTF, and that's Christina, Michelle's half-sister who works as a personal assistant on a Hollywood movie set. Like Michelle, she's also part Filipina AND she's a queer character, too, so three cheers for some F/F rep in chick-lit. (YAS)

The geek references weren't quite as numerous here as they were in WTF. The focus is on Christina and her torrid Hollywood fling with an actress who might as well have 'trouble' spray-painted on the side of her trailer. Each of these serials seems to focus on one woman primarily, with the other characters appearing every other chapter or so (although sometimes one is excluded to save space). It's an interesting set-up, but I'm enjoying the odd narrative style. Multiple POV stories normally don't work for me, but each character in these Geek Actually books is so compelling that I'm actually excited to see how my precious little cinnamon rolls are doing. I feel like I need to check in.

So far, my favorite character is probably either Taneesha or Michelle. My least favorite character is Ellie.

Thanks to Netgalley/the publisher for the review copy!

3.5 out of 5 stars

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