Tuesday, March 8, 2022

WtAFW: Catnapped by the Catman by Jade Waltz


DNF @ 11%

So I have this weekly feature called What the Actual Fuck Wednesday where people recommend me weird books just to see me review/react to them. I feel pretty good about this challenge for several reasons. The books are usually short, so setting this weekly reading goal feels super attainable. The authors writing these books are doing so in good fun and seem to be pretty chill with receiving all kinds of feedback, positive and negative, because they're just doing it as a sort of lucrative experiment to see what people will let them get away with. And because people have been recommending these books to me basically ever since they started caring what I say in my reviews, so I figured I might as well provide a constructive outlet for their evil.

CATNAPPED BY THE CATMAN is a book that I have been awaiting anxiously for months. I feel like the publication date was pushed back several times because my friend Patron Saint Fitzwilliam recommended this to me all the way back in December and I remember thinking "Oh! Cool! It comes out in January!" NOPE. But as a fellow postponer of release dates, I get it. If you're not ready, you're not ready, and taking the extra time to polish up your work and setting reasonable goals is something to be admired (not sarcasm). BUT I WANTED THAT BOOK, THO. And so I waited. Impatiently. Stalking the book's page and waiting some more.

When it came out, I downloaded it instantly... and was immediately bored. I didn't really like the narrative or the writing style and it felt like there were a lot of scenes that should have been cut for time. Blocks of paragraphs about what the cat likes to eat, for god's sake. Oh, and it's a talking cat, and I didn't figure that out until I saw someone else's review. I thought maybe the heroine was so crazy she was just basically making up conversation for her cat to hide her forever-aloneness. 

I liked the cover a lot. It kind of looks like it was done by the same artist as the one who did those spider romance covers. I'd hoped that because I'm not squicked out by cats the way I am by spiders that I would enjoy this even more, but it was just a total miss for me.

1 out of 5 stars

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