Saturday, March 5, 2022

On Cats by Charles Bukowski


So I went into this book not liking Charles Bukowski, and I went out of this book still not liking Charles Bukowski. I feel like Charles Bukowski is a misogynist and a misanthrope, and a lot of the people who like him tend to be angry white men. Despite all that, when I saw that there was a collection of his cat related works, I was like, "Well, maybe he has a soft side to him. How can I fault someone who loves cats?" And at first I was sort of into it. It opens with a story about how he's trying to get his cat to do a trick and the cat is like "haha no." Which I TOTALLY RELATE TO. My cat is always pulling shenanigans like that, like she enjoys painting me for a fool.

But after this endearing cat trick story, the book delves into what Bukowski is more well known for-- writing about how he hates everyone and gross poems about bodily functions and also how he hates everyone. The unique twist in this collection is that now he actually sort of likes something: cats! And I'm going to be honest, some of these poems were okay and I loved the pictures of all his cats. It was a more endearing look at an author I hate. I just still don't really like him lol. If you don't either, don't expect this to change your mind.

2 to 2.5 out of 5 stars

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