Monday, March 27, 2023

When Daddy Fosters Tally by Cherry Bonét


DNF @ 32%

So I actually really like Daddy kink and I thought the cover of this book was really cool. Even though some of the quotes I was seeing were kind of cringe, I saw people saying that it was supposed to be satire, and I thought, okay, so it's going to be Fannie Tucker but for relationship taboos? That sounds like it could be funny. I decided to ignore the references to "sweet peaches" in the blurb that I'm pretty sure don't actually refer to fruit, and forge ahead because my friends are big meanies who pestered me into reading this book because they like seeing me stray far from God's light.

So first, the good things. I liked the cover, as I said. And the writing is... okay. And there's a playlist in the beginning that's pretty good.


That's it.

I hated everything else.

I actually called it quits at a graphic scene where the heroine is thirteen and fantasizing about her foster dad. It made me SO uncomfy that I could not continue. (I was already pretty uneasy when I found out the heroine is 17 at the beginning of the book and the hero is, like, 36.) I'm not exactly sure how this is satire, because satire is supposed to make fun of things, and this just feels like any other erotic short I've read except maybe it basks in its ridiculousness a little more. But satire is not a free pass from criticism, and if this was meant to be satire, I'm afraid it's bad satire.

1 out of 5 stars

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