Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Hive by Scarlett Brade


I'm honestly shocked that THE HIVE has such low ratings on Goodreads because it was so much fun. Yes, everyone in this book was awful and I had fun watching them suck. Honestly, there's something kind of relieving about reading a thriller where you don't really care about what happens to any of the characters. You can just lean back and enjoy the ride and let your nails rest easy for once.

Charlotte has a squad of friends that she's been close with since they were kids, and they all of problems. Zaheen has been abused by a relative, Trix has a mother who's trying to steal custody of her own children from her, and Poppy has an evil ex who cheated on her when she got an abortion. But Charlotte only cares about her friends' problems when it's convenient for her, and right now it's not convenient: she's dating a celebrity boxer/influencer who might be giving her the runaround, and she's determined that they're soulmates.

It's obvious from the beginning that this relationship doesn't turn out well. The book LITERALLY opens with a prologue that has the boxer boyfriend tied up and his new fling freshly unalived. Charlotte, livestreaming the whole thing, asks his fanbase whether he should live or die. And then the book becomes a retrospective leading up to that moment, as we find out what, exactly, Linc did to cause Charlotte to have it in for him.

The pacing is pretty tight and even though this feels like an episode of Snapped crossed with a daytime soap opera, I couldn't put it down. The chatty-sounding narrative made it a breeze to read and even though Charlotte was as awful as everyone said she was, I did feel some sympathy for her and was curious to see what she did next. Anyone who likes unlikable heroines will probably love this book.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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