Sunday, July 26, 2020

Roxy's Story by V.C. Andrews

DNF @ p.77

I wasn't expecting a story about a teen escort written by Andrew Neiderman posing as V.C. Andrews to be good... but man, this was really not good. I blame Trash Nenia, of course. Trash Nenia and Drunk Nenia are responsible for 99% of my bad purchasing decisions. Trash Nenia buys dumb books "because it could be fun" and Drunk Nenia goes shopping on Amazon while drinking wine, which means I end up with way too many books like these.

ROXY'S STORY is about the eponymous Roxy, a sixteen-year-old girl who gets kicked out of her house by her militant father after he's had the last straw with her stealing, acting out in school, and raising hell with the boys. She ends up going to live in the slums where she catches the attention of a sleazy scout who likes that she's part French and thinks she's the prettiest girl he's ever seen and would be great for-- you guessed it-- escort work. Gag. And yes, he knows how old she is, and doesn't care. Double gag.

This is terribly written. Roxy talks like a fast-talking jaded dame in a film noir, and not at all like a teenager. It has a pulp fiction vibe-- not pulp fiction like the movie, but pulp fiction like the actual mass-produced novels from the 50s and 60s that were drowning in sleaze. I guess if you're into those types of books, you might enjoy this, but they were always too trashy even for me and my bodice-ripper-loving ass. I'm calling it quits now because I'm starting to get annoyed with this whole hot mess. The only thing this has in common with V.C. Andrews is the irrationally douchebag parents and the doormat mom. Family saga, this is not.

1 out of 5 stars

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