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  1. Wow Nenia, I'm so impressed. This site looks great and congratulations. I love it!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I had a lot of fun making it. :D

  2. Thankkkkkssss, Alisa. <3 Mwah.

  3. Hi Nenia,
    I love your blog and I've been following your reviews and your group on GR. I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my new contemporary romance titled Sunset Reads: William & Cristina

    GR Link-

    It is currently free on KU, and I can provide you with a free PDF copy if it catches your interest.

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,
    D.C. Triana

    1. Hey, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not really interested in contemporary billionaire/CEO romances; I mostly just read historical romance. Thanks, though!

  4. I'd like to offer you an ARC of my contemporary romance novel In My Arms Tonight for review. Here is the goodreads link: Shoot me a message if interested!


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  6. Hey Nenia, I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my latest novel Something Borrowed? It's a contemporary romance thriller and I'd be more than happy to provide a copy. Here's a link to the Goodreads page if you'd like to check out the blurb/cover. Please let me know if you'd like to review,
    Eve Dangerfield
    ps. you can reach me on

  7. Hello, Nenia!

    Would a contemporary fantasy/magical realism novel with a splash of romance interest you? ( or

    If so, I'd love to send you my debut novel for review.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.


  8. Hello Nenia. Hi! I'm Mariachiara Cabrini, an italian author, and this year I've made the huge decision to translate in english two of my novels: Imprinting love and Dreamwalker the girl who walks in dreams. I'm so exicited for this new experience, but also fearful because I don't have any contact with book blogs or book sites outside of Italy. So I would like to offer you an ARC of my novel Dreamwalker.
    Dreamwalker is a story of love, rebirth and courage, that utilizes the dreams of the protagonist as a methaphor of her view of the world, that is outside of wah we consider "normal" because of her mental illness. To write about an illness like schizophrenia, something people don't want to see or consider, is difficicult, but I have tried to do it with a positive attitude, to let it been seen that sometimes the end of our life as we know it can be the beginnin of a new life that can be as fullfilling as the first, only in a different way.
    It's not true that we can overcome anything if we apply ourselves. Some problem are impossible to solve. But with courage and will, we can accept our limits, and create new goals and new dreams that we will be able to achieve. Our life can change so much to become unrecognizable, but it's still our life, and it has always a meaning. It doesn't matter what it your limit, what has pushed you to resize your expectations o your goals, no dream will be less important than the first, and nothing will prevent you from redisigning yourself. Happiness is something we build and we can build to reflect ourselves andthe changes that we will undergo.
    Diana the protagonist of the novel in the beginnin sees helself as defective because of her illness. Not worthy of so many things. But at the end of the book she will finally learn her worth, and that she is just what she was meant to be, also with the help of an amazing man. So amazing I nick name him, privately, Mister Poppins, pratically perfect!

    If you are interested in reading my novel please let me know at this mail: weirde@libero
    best regards

    Mariachiara Cabrini

  9. sorry my mail is

  10. Hi Nenia,

    I was wondering if you would be interested in receiving a review copy of my Epic Fantasy: RULED BY SHADOWS (published September, 18 2017).

    The novel—Book #1 in the Light and Darkness series—about a fearful young woman named Lilia who is catapaulted into an epic adventure. Lilia isn't a warrior princess, an assassin or a sorceress—she's the kind of girl most of us have met. Just an ordinary young woman thrown into an extraordinary situation. Romance, action, adventure and High Fantasy—this novel has it all!

    Here are more details about the story:

    In a land ruled by shadows, the fate of all lies in the hands of a girl who is afraid of the dark.

    Meet Lilia, a young woman who is afraid of ... everything.

    Lilia's life changes the day a stranger walks into the tavern where she works as a cook. Handsome and darkly mysterious, Saul leaves a charm-stone in her safekeeping. Only, what appears to be a humble Hag Stone--used by folk to ward off evil spirits--is in reality a powerful talisman. One that a secret brotherhood has spent five-hundred years searching for.

    Life will never be the same for Lilia again.

    Her shadow begins behaving strangely--and when The Shade Brotherhood come after her, Lilia must leave her sleepy isle to embark on an epic journey into danger, discovery ... and love.

    The shadows are deepening and an ancient evil risks being unleashed upon the world. Lilia must face the darkness, and her own fears--or there will be no going home.


    Please let me know if you would like to review RULED BY SHADOWS and I would be happy to provide you with an e-copy via BookFunnel. :-)

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Best wishes,

  11. I came across your website, reviewed your site and liked your honest style. I thought you'd enjoy my debut novel, Last Exit to Montauk. It’s won a few awards, and is a current finalist for 2017 Novel of the Year with Underground Book Reviews, and on the short list for CHATELAINE Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Reviews International Book Awards for Women’s Fiction & Romantic Fiction 2017.

    According to my readers, Last Exit to Montauk had them laughing and crying in the beat of just a few pages. It’s a coming-of-age romantic tale of young love, set in the 1980's and summertime on Long Island. Though the main characters are in their late teens, this is not classified as a new-adult novel, though it certainly could appeal to readers in that category.

    Instead, I see it as a love story for any age. And my readership thus far attests to that, talking about memories of first love, or Long Island, or summertime anywhere, or the icons of the 1980's—or all of the above. It’s also received endorsements from some heavy-hitters in the book industry as well.

    The novel is available in digital format. Also, I am willing to participate in an author interview. Below are links to Amazon, Goodreads, Social Media and a recent video review, my first:

    Amazon book Links:
    Amazon author page:
    YouTube Review:

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your reply.


    Phillip Vega

  12. Hi, love!

    I'm Lynn, author of Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two. I saw your comment on Goodreads, and I'd love to send you an ARC! If you're interested, let me know what format you'd like, and where to send it. (I can also send it to your kindle if you prefer.) Happy Monday!



    1. Oh hi!!! Thank you so much. Sorry- I just got this.

      I actually got a copy of your book from Netgalley! Already started reading it. ^_^

  13. Mercy Jane Ballesteros
    Zone 4, Aguilar Subdivision Poblacion 1
    Sagay City, Negros Occidental

    US no: (+1) 424 279 8243

    June 15, 2018

    Dear Reviewer,

    Hope you are doing well!

    At the outset, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mercy Jane. I have self-published books entitled “A Taste of Revenge”, “Love in Between” and “Poems of Love & Short Stories” on Amazon. I also have a romantic suspense novel A Taste of Revenge, it narrates the enthralling story of a successful businesswoman, twenty-nine-year-old Maria Mercedes Sofia Castrill├│n, and her journey to avenge what she has lost.

    Love in Between is a collection of classic and contemporary poems. The short stories reveal a lot about human relationships, the concept of love, and how humans behave in it. This book will appeal to readers interested in contemporary romance and young adult fiction. It is inspired by the different emotions of love, for love manifests itself in many forms. At times, it can only be conveyed through words, exploring life’s lessons and suppressed passions.

    Love in Between
    Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros
    Independently Published
    ISBN -10: 197315353X (Kindle)
    ISBN -13: 978-1973153535 (Paperback)
    Publication Date: October 27, 2017
    141 Pages

    My website is You can also find me on Facebook

    The book is currently for sale on Amazon

    I truly believe that this book will capture and inspire the readers’ hearts as well as yours.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mercy Jane Ballesteros

  14. Hi Nenia,

    Are you interested in reviewing the bestselling book Peter Green and the Unliving Academy?

    It's the story of 14-year-old Peter Green, who can't remember how he died. Spirited away to Mrs. Battisworth's Academy and Haven for Unliving Boys and Girls, Pete is granted spooky superpowers in this unusual life-after-death and meets a host of extremely colorful (and extremely dead) characters, some of whom are dead orphans just like him.

    But even as he adjusts to life as a dead boy, Pete can't shake the feeling that he's forgotten somebody he left behind in the land of the living. Somebody he loved very much. Somebody who's in terrible danger.

    If you're interested, I'd be happy to send you a free eBook or paperback review copy.

    We also offer some free copies for your audience if you wanted to do a giveaway.

    If there’s anything else that I can do to help, just let me know.


    All the best,

    Author Support Specialist

  15. Hi Nenia. Since you're a fan of Grace Draven, I'm hoping to interest you in my new novella, SWEET POISON. It's a fantasy romance that pretty evenly balances steam and story.

    Quick blurb: when a duke's daughter is poisoned with a diabolical love potion, a the mysterious mercenary is hired to lead her through hostile territory, in hopes of finding a cure.

    It's available through KU. Or you can email me at or on goodreads for a review copy.


  16. Hi Nenia,

    I saw the review you wrote of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline in 2016. If you enjoyed the high-stakes gameplay in that book, I think you’d like my grown-up choose-your-own-adventure novel The Friar’s Lantern.

    In The Friar’s Lantern, you may win $1,000,000. And you will judge a man of murder.

    If you’re interested, I’d love to send you a free ebook copy in exchange for an honest review. Just email me at greg[at]greghickeywrites[dot]com and let me know what ebook format works best for you.

    Greg Hickey

  17. Hi Nenia!

    I came across your blog and followed you on Twitter after reading your reaction to Throne of Glass. Your review particularly stuck out to me because I began writing (angrily, I’ll add) The Soulstealers after reading that specific book. In response, I decided to create an I’m-not-like-other-girls character, Arnaka Skytree, who learns that other girls are actually pretty damn amazing! The Soulstealers is basically a redemption story for a “chosen one” girl who’s been brainwashed.

    Here’s a link to the book on Goodreads:

    Readers have taken issue with the pacing at the start (I have flashbacks). I should also note that the book doesn’t gloss over the negative aspects of repression, and a few readers have had to put it down for that reason. The book also focuses on how women support patriarchal societies; the main villain is a woman.

    That said, the vast majority of the feedback has been very positive. Readers enjoy the fact that Arnaka is a complex, flawed MC who struggles throughout the book. Her decisions—good and bad—have real consequences. Readers have also appreciated the diversity in The Soulstealers. There is asexual, lesbian, and bisexual rep.

    If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know! You can reach me at

  18. Hi Nenia,
    I'm wondering if you might be interested in reading my debut science-fantasy release, "Moon Deeds."
    I'd be happy to provide you with a paperback or Kindle copy in exchange for an honest review (It's also on NetGalley). Let me know, if you get a chance. Link below.
    Best regards,
    Barbara (aka Palmer)

  19. Hi Nenia,

    My name is Kelsey Quick and I am currently seeking out reviewers for my vampire dystopian novel, A Violet Fire. Not set to come out until December of this year, A Violet Fire has already:

    1. Garnered four 5 star reviews from Readers' Favorite (not yet published, waiting on the fifth review)
    2. A wholly positive review from Kirkus Reviews
    3. A 3.89 overall average on Goodreads with most of the ratings coming from NetGalley and unbiased sources.

    A Violet Fire is my debut novel, and I'm doing all of it on my own. I nearly got taken up by an agent who agonized over his decision to reject, and I have been told by a few unbiased sources that I should have been traditionally published with this work. I would love and appreciate your honest feedback on my novel as I know you love vampires, and you tend to stray from the hype.

    I can offer you your choice of ARC: NetGalley widget, MOBI, EPUB, PDF, or Physical Copy(complete with character cards!) And the hard date needed is not until the first week of December. :)

    I appreciate your time. Please feel free to email me at the address provided below.


    Kelsey Quick

  20. Nenia,

    I know you get a lot of requests to review books, but ever since reading your review of Children of Blood and Bone I have been intrigued with what you might think of my book, a historical novel set in ancient Egypt that tells a unique story about the day Moses was taken from the Nile by the sister of Pharaoh.

    I know historical fiction is not on your list of favorites, but I can see you pull no punches, and I am looking for a critical review by someone for whom this type of book is outside their normal area of interest, which would tend to make them even more critical of everything about the book. It would have to be good to keep their interest and I think my book is good, very good in fact.

    My reviews on Amazon have been exceptionally good and I am working on the subsequent titles, but I need a critical eye to show me my weaknesses and where I need to improve and I am sure you could provide that (about that I have no doubts). I can send you reviewer's copy (printed) or give you a Kindle version, if you don't have Kindle Unlimited.

    Thank you for even reading this far, and I appreciate that you might even consider my request. That said, I think you will enjoy the book and the see the story of Moses in a radically new light, one that fits the historical record and is true to the Egypt into which he was born.

    Here is the Amazon link to the book.

    William Meisheid

    1. I guess I should have included a link to my Kirkus review and my email address.

      Beginnings - Kirkus Review

      William Meisheid

  21. Lauren Sevier

    Dear Nenia,

    I have read several of your reviews and found them to be honest, comprehensive, and really dialed in to readers expectations. I would love it if you would consider reviewing an ARC of my debut YA Fantasy novel 'Songs of Autumn' that explores themes of climate crisis, tragedy and rebirth, the effect absentee fathers have on youth. It features a strong romantic sub-plot and turns the 'chosen one' trope on its head by making it a curse instead of a blessing. I'm including a link to the goodreads page in case you may be interested.

    ARCs will be available in 4/2020 in several formats and I hope you'll consider reading/reviewing. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Lauren Sevier

  22. Hi Nenia,

    We're more than a little obsessed with your Goodreads reviews. We want to tell you about our newest release, The Meat Hunter, a book that's a cross between Dexter and the kickass female vigilante we all deserve.

    What people are saying about The Meat Hunter by Megan Allen:

    “Allen’s charming female-Dexter will seduce you, excite you, terrify and change you.”
    — The Novel Reader

    “Allen has the plotting chops of someone with five thrillers under her belt”
    — Kirkus Review

    Molly Bishop grew up on a farm and was horrified by her father’s indifference toward the animals they raised. Now a seductive and cunning young woman, Molly seeks out the cruelest members of the meat industry and offers up her own brand of Dexter-style redemption.

    MEGAN ALLEN is known for her controversial Tarantino-esque novels. She has been compared to Steinbeck for her use of empathy and compassion while examining the darkest corners of modern society. Megan refers to her books as “thrillers with a social conscience.” Her first novel, The Slave Players, gained the attention of a vocal chapter of the KKK and inspired over 22,000 readers and librarians to chant her battle cries.

    We would love to send you a copy of The Meat Hunter for your review. If you feel drawn to collaborate from there, we would love to talk further. Feel free to contact us at for more information!

    Thank you for your time,

    Burn House Publishing

  23. Dear Nenia,

    My name is Sameer Garach, and I noticed that you're a Top Reviewer and Vine Voice on Amazon. "The Bull Option" is an adult commercial financial thriller/comedy that combines the high-rolling world of hedge funds in Norb Vonnegut’s "The Gods of Greenwich" with the cunningness of Steven Soderbergh’s "Ocean’s Eleven."

    When Kannada Khan, an investment banker turned homeless man, saves the life of Robert Prosperi, a struggling hedgie, he is repaid with a unique yet risky job offer that could change his fortune forever.

    With plans for a theft on Wall Street, Robert aims to undermine his rival, the head of the New York Stock Exchange, and Kannada seeks to return to a life of normalcy. They recruit a motley crew from Main Street—a bartender, a stockbroker, an attorney, a computer hacker, a pilot, a boxer, a confidence man, and an upscale luxury companion—to carry out their scheme.

    Three weeks is all they have to infiltrate the heart of American financial power and steal the proceeds from the biggest Initial Public Offering in recent history. However, money isn't the only motive driving Kannada. Chasing his past flame is his game. Now she's working for and dating the very Wall Street titan they're trying to rob.

    Here are some reviews:
    "This book is written in a fast-paced style. Although there are many people involved in the plot, each one is aptly described and easy to imagine. Each character has distinguishing aspects, such as the computer hacker who eats Cheetos constantly. While the main plot is the unfolding financial heist, and whether or not it will succeed, the love relationships in Kannada's life add another suspense element to the story. This book is a page-turner, and the reader is engaged from the first page to the last. Author Sameer Garach has crafted a captivating and realistic story in 'The Bull Option.' It is a thrilling read!"—Deborah Lloyd, Readers' Favorite (5 Stars)

    "Hedge funds, insider trading, stock markets, IPO-there was an initial concern that I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the story with my layman knowledge regarding the mechanics of the financial world, particularly Wall Street. However, 'The Bull Option' is not excessively weighed down by too many monetary details or financial terms. Non-technical readers will be able to enjoy this financial thriller just fine...Overall, this is a solid debut from Garach."—Lit Amri, Readers' Favorite (4 Stars)

    "Sameer Garach's work reads like an upscale 'Ocean's Eleven,' bringing the complexity and elegance of New York's financial world into the mix alongside everyday Joes who want to make some money and make it fast. What really sold it to me was the down-and-out Kannada Khan, whom any reader would empathize with and root for despite the huge financial crime he's planning. Author Sameer Garach puts great empathy into Kannada's dialogue and ways of thinking, offering a unique and intimate perspective of the lengths that people will go to get themselves out of the gutter, in this case, literally. Garach strikes an excellent balance between the well-described ensemble cast and the plot, which wasn't overly complex. Overall, I recommend 'The Bull Option' to fans of crime fiction, suspense novels and heist movies in general."—Debjani Ghosh, Readers' Favorite (5 Stars)

    If you would like a complimentary review copy, please contact me at Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Sameer Garach, Author

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  25. Hello Nenia,
    Ah, how I adore your Goodreads reviews!
    I'd like to request a review for my Paranormal/Mythological Romance novel My Song’s Curse publishing through City Owl Press on August 31, 2020.
    Here’s the blurb…

    Ultimate control has its downside, especially when it comes to romance. But will it be enough to keep them together?

    As a siren, Lula Aglaope can bend anyone to her will with the smallest whisper, but she’d give up her power for one meaningful, honest conversation.

    She wants a normal life, like the open, true connections the humans seem to pull off with such little effort.

    When she meets Alexiares, God of Warding off Wars, all thoughts of normalcy fly out the window. The beautiful demigod cannot be controlled! He’s frustrating, irresistible...and utterly off-limits.

    Alex has watched Olympus slowly fall apart. The old gods continue their archaic control of the Universe, denying the progress of humans and other deities. But Alex has plans to repair the damage, and Lula is a major player.

    She just doesn’t know it yet.

    Falling for her is the worst idea. And just when things move in the right direction, danger arises that no one expects, plunging the sirens into the deadly Olympian spotlight.

    With Lula’s sisters missing, and a pile of broken laws surrounding them, will Alex and Lula change the Universe for the better or destroy it?

    If My Song’s Curse sounds like something you’d be interested in checking out, I’d be happy to send you a complementary ARC.

    Thank you for your consideration and happy reading!

    Poppy Minnix

  26. Dear Nenia,

    I’m writing to you about my novel, Where Hope is Found, which will be released October 15, 2020. I see that you review women’s fiction on your blog, and I’m wondering if you would be interested in reading my novel and reviewing it for your audience. The book is approximately 252 pages and 71,000 words. If you are interested, I’ll be happy to send you an ebook copy in whatever format you prefer. Here is the link to find it on Goodreads if you would be willing to post a review there or on Amazon once the book is released. Also, I am willing to cross-promote in any way I can.
    Here’s the blurb:
    One tiny moment in time can shatter your whole world.
    A family beach vacation turns to tragedy and Marissa must find a way for her and her traumatized eight-year-old daughter, Maisy, to move forward and heal. But memories of what she lost surround her, threatening to take her to a dark place; a place she can never go again.
    When her brother extends an invitation for her and Maisy to move in with him on Princess Island, Marissa thinks it might just be the fresh start she needs. But can she really find hope and healing on an island surrounded by the same ocean that broke her heart?

    You can contact me here: You can find my website at or follow me on Facebook at:
    You can also find me on Twitter @RebeccaLMarsh1
    If you are willing to review my novel, I would be so excited. And if you have a specific date to publish that review, please let me know and I’ll be sure to share, share, share.
    Thank you for your time! Have a great day!
    Rebecca Marsh

  27. Hey! I saw that you're an amazing commenter on Goodreads! And I was wondering if you accepted read requests from new authors? :) Here's some information about my novel.
    P.S I can provide an ARC copy for review!

    Goodreads Link:

    Genre: LGBTQ+ Dark Urban Fantasy
    Format: Emobi, PDF, E-Book
    Publication Date: March 4, 2021

    Lake’s brother Devlin was murdered right in front of him. Simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Or was he? Why, then, does Lake think Devlin knew he was going to die before they ever set foot in the gas station that night? As he obsesses over his brother’s death, Lake begins to uncover a hidden world full of forbidden magic and growing danger. Now he’s stuck, caught between the world that his brother was meant for and his own. Lake is beginning to realize that no one and nowhere is safe.

    Nova Rathers may not be especially powerful in the Mage world but she makes up for it with a magical bag of snacks and a body constructed by the Gods to slay. Desperate to be more than her lineage, she finds herself teamed up with a group of misfits and, in her mind, the weakest creature of all - a gida...a powerless human. Together, they start to unravel the lies that built their world and continue to hold it hostage. Nova’s last year at Breyburn Academe was never going to be easy but she had no idea that it could ever get this bad.

    Lake, Nova, and their newfound friends are about to find the truth behind what has been hunting them. But knowing is only half the battle. Even if they survive, will the rest of the world remain standing?

  28. Hi Nenia,

    My name is Madeline, and I’m the marketing assistant at Crooked Lane Books! I hope you don't mind me reaching out, but I saw you enjoyed The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters and thought I would tell you about another title we are publishing in June that may be right up your alley. A Dark and Secret Place is a psychological suspense novel from award-winning author Jen Williams.

    For fans of Kathleen Barber and Julia Heaberlin, this chilling story features a woman who discovers her late mother had a decades-long secret correspondence with a serial killer, begging the question: how well do we know our own family and even ourselves? Williams deftly explores nature vs. nurture, with a side of eerie folklore.

    We are sending out a galley mailing next month and would love to include you on our mailing list! Please let me know if you would be interested and, if so, where we should send your package. I can be reached directly at


  29. Hi Nenia,

    My name is Kingsley Adrian Banks, a Nigerian author.

    I was wondering if you would like to read my upcoming novel Adamma--the first book/series starter in my Women of Eternity Series -- about the eponymous character Adamma whose life mirrors the reality of many a Nigerian woman. Here's the Blurb:

    Adamma is a dazzling beauty and Nigeria's biggest female musician. She has clawed her way to the top through sheer talent, uncommon drive and a shocking ability to adapt to people's musical needs. And, she intends to stay at the top no matter what.

    Obinna Obiekwe is a tycoon and a known playboy, the Casanova of fashionable Lagos society. He loves women, and he spends money on them recklessly. Years ago, he had met Adamma, and now he wants to be back in her life. However, she has kept a deep, devastating secret away from him...a secret he discovers and intends to break her with. He never forgets, he never lets go, and he has Adamma in his sights. He is rich, handsome and powerful, and he wants her to pay.

    A heartbreaking, emotional saga, so begins the thrilling, exotic story of Adamma, the woman everyone thinks is living the big dream, but whose life is a living nightmare. In the lush playgrounds of Lagos’s high brow areas, the saga of her life plays out, with a bitter past rearing its head at all turns, and a desperate future waiting for her everywhere she turns.

    Adamma is 402 pages in print and is available across multiple formats. It's set for a release date in November, 2021.

    If you would be interested in getting an ARC of Adamma, please reach out to me on and I'll be happy to send you a copy.

    Thank you.

  30. Whenever you have time to read a new book, I can provide you a free copy of Darkness Awaits. Darkness Awaits is book 2 of the Virtus Academy series, a Urban Fantasy novel filled with Black queer characters.

  31. Dear Nenia,

    My name is Emma Heggem. I’m the Managing Editor at Future House Publishing, which mainly publishes sci-fi and fantasy novels.

    I noticed that you recently read and enjoyed Don’t Hate the Player, and I am writing to see if you would be interested in reviewing another YA novel, Christopher Keene’s upcoming book Stuck in the Game. Similar to books like Ready Player One, it’s the perfect mashup of sci-fi and game lit, and even has some fantasy elements as well.

    After a devastating car crash, Noah and his girlfriend Sue have no choice but to enter the world’s most popular MMORPG, The Dream State. There, Noah’s mind can stay alive while his body heals, but when Sue seemingly fails to connect to the game, Noah discovers a sinister cover-up. To rescue the remnants of Sue’s consciousness, Noah must battle through the game and become one of the highest-ranking players. But there is no room for failure— if Noah dies in the Dream State, he may never wake up at all.

    If you are interested, I would be happy to email you a digital ARC of Stuck in the Game. You can contact me at Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Emma Heggem
    Managing Editor
    Future House Publishing

  32. Hello. I was wondering if you had any interest in reading/reviewing my most recent novel, Doppelganger. I can provide a digital copy. Here's a summary.

    David Anderson is a mild-mannered English professor until he walks into the classroom one day and discovers the corpse of one of his colleagues. She has been murdered. With all eyes on him, another woman, this time a former student of his, is also found murdered. In both cases, the killer has done the same thing: taken photos of the body and posted them anonymously online. Because of this, the media has dubbed him the Voyeur Killer. When it happens a third time, Detective Grimm, the cold and ruthless woman leading the investigation, narrows her sights on the English professor and begins to close in. Yet David, who has exhausted himself convincing others that he isn’t guilty, begins to question his own sanity. Is he the one committing these murders? Has he been doing it without his own knowledge? Desperate to clear his own name and discover what is happening, he begins to unravel the secrets of a twisted and depraved mind. The only question: is it his own?

    My email is


  33. Hello Nenia,

    I have been a long time fan of your reviews, and a recent fan of your personal works. If you are interested, I wanted to give you an ARC of my debut indie-published Fantasy novel. Here is the summary:

    Rose knows the magical world of the Umbra exists. She’s been there before, and she longs to return to the land of fantasy and start a happier life. Stuck on Earth with only her trickster guardian and a displaced gang of elven siblings for company; Rose has a fateful run-in with a rogue wild elf and meets a Wayfinder, a gatekeeper of the portals between realms. However, Rose is horrified to discover the Umbra has changed since her first visit, finding herself caught up in unexpected conflicts, from warring god-like beings to dealings with demons. With many grueling choices ahead of her, Rose finds the dream she yearns for comes with a cost.

    You can contact me at

    Thank you for your time.

  34. Dear Nenia:

    I am working toward the book release of The Wrath of Horus on October 31st, 2021. I am looking for reviewers, and wonder if you would be willing to take a look. Below I have included my bio and a blurb about the book.

    I hope to hear from you,

    Catherine Schaff-Stump

    Cath Schaff-Stump writes fantasy for children and adults. She writes funny stories, dark stories, and everything in between. She is the author of the Klaereon Scroll series and the Abigail Rath Versus series. Cath lives and works in Iowa. During the day, she teaches English at a local community college. More of her fiction has been published by Paper Golem Press, Daydreams Dandelion Press, and in The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk. You can find her online at Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, @cathschaffstump, and Follow Cath’s Kindle Vella serial The Autumn Warrior and the Ice Sword.

    For Gregorius Klaereon, his Trial with the god Horus isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about the fight. His temperament aggressive, his anger on display for all to see, Greg is a direct contrast to his brother Marcellus, the perfect Lord Klaereon, the prophet who can do no wrong. How Marc tolerates Greg is a mystery to Greg himself, especially as Greg knows deep down that Greg is responsible for the deaths of his parents.

    On the eve of the Klaereon birthday celebration, two days before Greg’s Trial, Greg fights with his cousin Flavia Borgia, and the two of them activate a reality shard which sends them, Marc, and others to the Abyss. There, they are judged and scattered throughout the nine circles. Greg, alone, discovers his Trial was the least of his worries as he is confronted by Set, the god of destruction, in a desolate landscape where his shadow powers no longer work.

    While Greg endures, certain his rightful punishment has found him, Marc and the others scramble to reunite, rescue Greg, and make their way to the Golden City of the banished Egyptian pantheon, desperate to find a way home.

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